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Forensic Focus is now a registered trade mark. This became effective as of 27/02/21 and was entered in the register on 16/07/2121 and

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Forensic Focus Retain Their Place on Cumbria County Council Learning & Development Procurement Framework

In April 2020 Forensic Focus successfully bid for and retained thier place on the Cumbria County Council Learning & Development Procurement Framework and in doing so extended the number of LOTs they are able to bid for.

Proficiency Test Accreditation Extended for Indanedione

In 2019 Forensic Focus Limited successfully extended its ISO17043 Proficiency Testing Accreditation to include Indanedione

Forensic Focus Win Place on Two Further Training & Development Frameworks

In 2017 we successfully won places on a further two training and development frameworks; one for councils and emegency services in Yorkshire and the other for all councils in Scotland.

Proficiency Testing Accreditation Extended for Fingerprint Comparison

In 2017 Forensic Focus extended their accredited Proficiency Testing Portfolio by successfully extending our scope to encompas fingerprint comparison

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